#5 – My City’s Filthy.1

Attention Spans #5
My City’s Filthy.1

Bite-Size Music Videos for the Attention Deficit brought to you by the Dead Horse March staff.

DHM presents before you a group of young hip hop artists representing the great Pacific North West. They make music that some say have put Seattle on the map. Sometimes we see them walking their dog, getting groceries, or even dining out at the local bagel shop. These stars are on the rise and were happy to share the streets with them.


Macklemore – “The Town”
The Good Husbands – “Well Ok”
Shabazz Palaces – “Belhaven Meridian”
Common Market – “Trouble Is”
Mad Rad – “Electric Sheep”
The Saturday Knights – “45”
Dyme Def – “Timeless”

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