YouYourself&i – The Treacle Well (Parts I & II)

the treacle well ii

This is less of an album review and more just me insisting that you listen to this (and buy it) immediately. I try not to pay too much attention to the internet these days, but every once in a while a tweet sneaks through my filter and into my brain. Such was the case last week when the blog We Listen For You (check these guys out, they are the good shit), after DAYS of hype tweeted, “I’m not going to sleep…I’m too excited to share this new find with you.” They were talking about Montreal’s YouYourself&i and they were not unnecessarily eager. YouYourself&i is Daniel Gélinas plus a couple handfuls of people here and there. It’s pretty and smart and way more interesting than most anything that’s come out yet this year. If you do anything today, just listen to this please.

— Catie

P.S. Here is a video with a bunch of songs on it:


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