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I had every reason in the world to listen to Seattle Hip Hop “diva” on the rise Katie Kate, AKA Katie Finn to her father and mother. We worked at the same restaurant, shes out of Seattle, and I’m pretty sure she lives a few blocks away from me, not to mention we frequent the same local coffee establishment, Joe Bar.

The first time I heard of her, a friend I work with tells me “have you heard Katie rap? She’s actually really sick.” Katie was a hostess, and probably the only co worker I had not talked to, I don’t know why. So later I found her on Myspace and listened to two of my still favorites, “Hunting” and “Totebag.” The beat in “Hunting” has a strong resemblance to Mad Rad, and it’s no surprise because they work together often.

After hearing these two tracks I had to show Travis. Keep in mind this was during Travis’ Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci” phase so he was instantly smitten with this chick rapper. Not putting Katie Kate and Kreayshawn in the same category at all by the way.

Within months of this discovery, I started noticing a lot of press about her, beginning with her song “Copenhagen” making “Song of the Day” on KEXP. Shortly after she made the cover of Reverb with a nice review in Seattle Weekly. They brought up how versatile she can be with her singing over dreamy Swedish sounding synth heavy pop in “Houses” to “trash-glam” rappingĀ  in “Thickstacks.”

A few days ago, Travis was telling me about a Katie Kate song he had just heard called “Bad Amazon.” Then, a day later when we were driving to band practice listening to KEXP and of course the first song that comes on is “Bad Amazon,” and Katie is hosting the show…

She produces her own beats, sings, raps, and has a bad attitude. She may come off as simple and materialistic, but if you read the KEXP interview with Katie she’s actually extremely articulate and a talented musician.

This wasn’t the best review of her album but merely a story of how I came to know Katie Kate (without actually knowing her). She’s bound for stardom and fat stacks, and I only hope she one day get’s that full size whale for her pool she’s always dreamed of. Someday Katie. Some day…

Katie Kate will be playing The Sunset Tavern March 3rd, I’ll see you there!


Purchase and download her 11-track album HERE for a measly $10 (that’s 10 PBR’s from Mod Pizza!) or the physical CD package for $12 – This includes CD, lyrics and a full 2012 calendar with artwork by Radjaw (Mad Rad). Help get a sister rich!

07 Hunting by katiekatemusic

02 Totebag by katiekatemusic

11 Copenhagen by katiekatemusic

10 Thickstacks by katiekatemusic

03 Houses by katiekatemusic

01 Bad Amazon by katiekatemusic

06 Constellation by katiekatemusic

08 Bodyout Princess by katiekatemusic

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