Alex Goes to Ireland


Mornin’ gents, I was remarking just yesterday as we flipped between a cricket match and some field hockey against those fooking lamb huggers over in Killarney that I hadn’t talked to my friends in the states in a good while. Life’s just a little different over here ya know?

I mean I guess you can’t, but I’ll try to explain.

The air is a little fresher, the grass is a little greener. You can’t go a stone’s throw without stumbling on a beautiful ruin from rich riiiiiich history or be far from a delicious Irish stew or bangers and mash. You can get a lovely tasting pint (a pint is kind of like a cup, but bigger) of stout without even having to go more than a kilometer or even a few hundred meters away.

At first, it was somewhat of a bother driving on the left side of the road, but we quickly adjusted. The lack of dodgy characters on the street and the countrysides out of poems and dreams takes the worry out of a man. Don’t be surprised if my family comes back without me next week as I stay laying on the rolling green hills looking at the landscapes that only our great Catholic God Jesus Christ could create. I’ll be sure to toast a round to my American boys back in the states and chug a Guiness or Murphy’s in your honor as I dance a jig or sing a tale with the traditional music players at the pubs.

Hope y’all are having a good time!


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