Alt-J (∆) – “Something Good” – 9.19.12

Alt-J (∆)



Oh what a surprise! Dead Horse March wrote something about Alt-J. Craaaazy riiiight?

I’m sorry, they just keep getting more fans and more press, which leads to more music and videos which we assume people want to see. So here is another video from this highly acclaimed UK band for their single “Something Good.”

It shows a strapping Mexican(?) bullfighter and a bull close up and in high definition. So close up you can see the pain behind the eyes of that beautiful beast. You can see the small scar on the young man’s inside index finger from his first bull fight. And then the bull puts one of his 3 foot long horns through his back and parades him around the stadium to symbolize the “animal” cruelty involved in bull fighting. Who’s the animal now, right?

Interpret the video however you please. If you haven’t listened to their latest release, An Awesome Wave, you must! It’s an incredible album, and it was a Mercury Music Prize nominated album. I can’t think of anything else quite like it.



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