Angel Olsen & Marissa Nadler – “Frisco Depot”

Angel Olsen & Marissa Nadler
“Frisco Depot”

Angel Olsen Marissa Nadler Frisco Depot

I haven’t been able to get the Angel Olsen & Marissa Nadler cover of Mickey Newbury’s “Frisco Depot” out of my head since I first heard it four days ago. The soft plucks leading into Olsen’s powerfully quiet vocals as she effortlessly grabs a hold of the listener before Nadler comes in with her equally beautiful voice at the 49 second mark solidifies that this will be a favorite track of mine for some time to come.

Angel Olsen already has one of my favorite music videos of the year (see below) so it would only make sense for her to be involved in one of my favorite covers as well. Marissa Nadler on the other hand has somehow slipped through my radar (not that difficult with my short attention span) even though she’s been making music since early 2000. I’ve only just started listening to Nadler, but I already love her voice and dream-folk style. Dream-Folk being a genera I’m pretty sure was invented for me.

Marissa Nadler and Angel Olsen both released records last year, Half Way Home for Olsen and The Sister for Nadler. You can catch Nadler in concert if you live in Europe as well as follow her on Twitter, Facebook or her Website. Olsen is currently touring the US, and you can take a look at her shows here. Personally I will be catching her in Seattle on the 19th for her concert at Barboza, and on the 20th for Record Store Day. You can follow her on her Facebook page or Website.


Angel Olsen – “Tiniest Seed”

Marissa Nadler – “Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning”

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