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Since I moved to Seattle, KEXP has introduced me to numerous musical acts that left a heavy dent, but I think it’s safe to say that Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf has impressed me the most thus far. Needless to say, when I heard he was headed back to Seattle after a stint on the road opening for the likes of Black Sabbath and The Pixies, nabbing some tickets was a no-brainer. Though Cook’s notoriety stems largely from his simultaneous use of a guitar and a kick-drum, he was joined on stage by two impressive additions: Ben Shepherd  and Matt Chamberlain of Soundgarden. Having witnessed Cook’s escalating guitar licks and shaky howls only through video broadcasts and his 3 recorded tracks, “In the Dark,” “Lonely Sunday” and “Are You Satisfied,” I figured I would be in for one hell of a night with a full set. The wolf blew the roof off the Showbox Seattle.


In one of their best performances, Reignwolf did a chilly rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” Cook playing his 8-string electric mandolin, fog machine pumped to the max. He was joined on stage not only by his bandmates, but also one very psyched Seattle street drummer who jammed as hard or harder on his buckets and bell than Cook was on the bass. Not only did the wolf roam into the audience for one of his early performances, he actually brought portions of the drum kit through the crowd and played his last song from the walls of the sound booth as the entire audience crammed their way to the back of the room. The band played three recorded tracks, mentioned above – each equally epic, along with a spread of new songs that will surely be the makings of a legendary full album… but for now we wait.


Keep your eyes peeled internet dwellers, it’s hard to tell when the wolf will strike next.










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