Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita – 2.28.12

Atlas Sound
“Terra Incognita”

“Celestial crops carry me home.
These ancient technologies strengthen my bones.
I know a place called love,
No one bothered me there, no I was all alone.”

What is this?! A timely and relevant Song of the Day?!  ‘Tis true, Atlas Sound has been a long-time favorite of mine but I had never featured Bradford Cox for this prestigious honor as of yet.  But seeing as we will be enjoying this in concert at Neumos with the likes of Carnivores and Frank Broyles, it seemed to fit…  So without further ado, the sprawling-space classic, “Terra Incognita” off Atlas Sounds’ newest highly-acclaimed album, Parallax, on 4AD.

Expect a concert wrap-up for this show soon!

– Travis

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