[Song of the Day] Austra – “Hurt Me Now”

“Hurt Me Now”


Austra finally got me. I don’t know how I’ve ignored them for as long as I have, but it only took me listening to one song to realize I need to quit making assumptions. “Hurt Me Now” is a single of the Toronto-based band’s latest album, Olympia, which just dropped in June via Domino Records. Their previous album, Let it Break made it on DHM writer Alex’s “Top 10 Albums of 2011” which is when I first heard of them. Two years later I’m like, “Alex, Austra is rad,” and he’s like “I know dumb dumb. I’ve only talked about them for the last two years.” So there you go, and I’ll leave you with one of the reasons Alex got hooked on them.

“…the voice belonged to Katy Stelmanis, a trained opera singer who in an interview with onethirtybpm said ‘that she left opera because she was uncomfortable with its demands and wanted to party.'”

If you’re in the Seattle are, be sure to catch Austra September 4th at Neumos.

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