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[Interview] +/- Nine Questions with Clarke and the Himselfs

[Interview] +/- Nine Questions with Clarke and the Himselfs

Photos by Ben Lindbloom / Words by Catie Young  Now that we’ve recovered from the exhaustion of Treefort, we’re excited to tell you about some of our favorite discoveries from this year’s festival. Behold: Clarke and the Himselfs. “Discovery” might be a bit of a stretch on this one … this tape has been the only thing I’ve played...
Treefort Year Four  /  Exhaustion: An Ode

Treefort Year Four / Exhaustion: An Ode

Words by Catie Young  /  Photos by Ben Lindbloom Most major experiences happen to me in stages. Usually the progression looks something like this: anxiety –> stimulation –> exhaustion. Treefort 2015 was no exception to this rule. But instead of telling you about the stimulation portion like I usually do (You know Emily Wells is...
[Song of the Day] Jessica Pratt - "Back, Baby"

[Song of the Day] Jessica Pratt – “Back, Baby”

Jessica Pratt “Back, Baby” Last night Jessica Pratt played in Portland and now all I want is to become a bioluminescent unicorn just like her. This song was my favorite thing that happened and she played it just after thanking some friends in the audience for putting up with her during her heavy Modest Mouse/henna hair...
[Interview] Six Questions with BAD90s

[Interview] Six Questions with BAD90s

A few weeks ago, BAD90s dropped their second track ever and we are positively drooling for more. During Treefort Music Fest back in March, we ate pizza with them and talked about some really important stuff.  Like unicorns. And this. Speaking of Treefort, we’re already too excited about next year after last week’s announcement of the first round of artists. Emily Wells, YACHT, Generationals, TV ON...
[Video] Angel Olsen - "Windows"

[Video] Angel Olsen – “Windows”

Angel Olsen “Windows” As if I needed another reason to listen to only this song until July, here are four more: Really dirty bangs A perfect visual encapsulation of what I’ve always imagined it’s like to be a mother VASELINE ON THE FACE Casual appearance by a ruff –Catie
[New Music] BAD90s - "Parts of You"

[New Music] BAD90s – “Parts of You”

BAD90s “Parts of You”   Remember a million years ago (February 2014) when everything became okay again because BAD90s made this song? Well, just in time for winter, the somewhat mysterious threesome? foursome? (their performance at Treefort Music Fest really only told us they are very good at making shadows … tune in next week for our interview with...
[Song of the Day] Sylvan Esso - "Uncatena"

[Song of the Day] Sylvan Esso – “Uncatena”

All I want from you is a letter and to be your distant lover That is all that I can offer at this time Okay, so I know Alex told you about these guys back in February, but sometimes it takes me awhile to pay attention to things. Sometimes it takes a room packed with...
[Interview] Probably More Than Seven Questions With Ugly Hussy

[Interview] Probably More Than Seven Questions With Ugly Hussy

PHOTO by BEN LINDBLOOM, WORDS arranged by CATIE YOUNG. We had a chance to talk with the man behind Ugly Hussy (umm, so to speak …) at Treefort this year. He makes expansive guitar loops that sound exactly how Idaho looks. But he’s not from Idaho. And he’s more than just pedals and a guitar....
[Spotlight] Hyperbolic Opinion Fort: A Treefort 2014 Overview

[Spotlight] Hyperbolic Opinion Fort: A Treefort 2014 Overview

Built to Spill / Photo by Ben Lindbloom As I re-enter the wholesome land of Kalefort and Exercisefort, I should be tired of putting fort at the end of whatever noun just happens along. I’m not. It’s true, this year there were a lot of forts at Treefort. Hackfort, Skatefort, Alefort, Yogafort, Kidfort, Storyfort. Some...
[Spotlight] Treefort 2014 - We Are Fucking So Excited You Guys

[Spotlight] Treefort 2014 – We Are Fucking So Excited You Guys

Treefort starts TOMORROW & you know how we love Treefort. We’ll be here, bringing you every moment (that we can remember). Here’s what we are biting our nails excited about (which means you should be excited about them too.): Catie: Bad90s / I fucking love horses. Chastity Belt / Hello. Frugal Father / How is...
[Song of the Day] BAD90s - "On The Way"

[Song of the Day] BAD90s – “On The Way”

BAD90s “On The Way” Newborn pop music from Boise, Idaho. Please join me in kicking this year’s strain of Seasonal Affective Disorder by listening to this seven million times in a row. — Catie  
[Song of the Day] Chastity Belt - "Seattle Party"

[Song of the Day] Chastity Belt – “Seattle Party”

Chastity Belt “Seattle Party” A few things: 1. This year I am turning over this new leaf that involves listening to and liking more lady vocalists. Chastity Belt is the first thing I have to report. Do yourself a favor & listen to their record, No Regerts, in its entirety. And you thought a giant...