Bass Drum of Death – “Get Found” – 7.18.12




I’m so upset I missed these guys when they played last month! They headlined a show with our good friends The Grizzled Mighty at a really small venue in Seattle, and I try not too think about how much fun I missed out on…They’re like a juvenile version of Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) with a beat you have to consciously tell yourself to stop bobbing your head to. Mississippi duo Bass Drum of Death are on Fat Possom Records, the record label where Guitarist John Barrett worked prior to recording the entire album on on his own with a drumset, guitar, usb microphone, and a computer. Who is he, Dave Grohl? Colin Sneed later took the reigns on drums and the garage rock duo are midway through their US tour. As we Speak they are probably doing drugs, trying to make it with religious girls, having panic attacks, stealing stuff, having mild to severe depression, having crazy dreams about Elvis, and doing gravity bongs, as they are the topics of their debut LP GB City. The record “is the soundtrack playing in your head when you’re fucked up and walking home in the middle of the night.” words via Fat Possom Records.

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