Bedoin Soundclash Feat. Couer De Pirate – “Brutal Hearts” – 12.30.11

Hearts that break the night in two
And arms that can’t hold you that true.

So use me…

I don’t mind at all
I don’t mind that you only call me when you want
And I’m just glad you want me at all.”

What a beautiful song about a one night stand, or many night stands for that matter. It’s a tough thing to accept that someone is using you and be ok with it. But if the feelings mutual I guess it’s kosher…

It’s ironic because I listened to this a lot with my last girlfriend because it bears resembles to a romantic song you would dedicate to your “boo.” I guess it would be more appropriate for my current circumstances, that being alone and looking for someone to use me

Jay Malinowski of Bedouin Soundclash and a lovely French mademoiselle by the name of Béatrice Martin aka Couer de Pirate collaborated for “Brutal Hearts” coming off Bedouin Soundclash’s album Light the Horizon. This was the first song Couer de Pirate has sung in English, so feel privileged. Treasure it. Feel it. Embrace it. Appreciate it, because it’s the only time you will understand what she is saying.

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