Belle & Sebastian – Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying – 12.22(2).11


“Nobody writes them like they used to,
So it may as well be me…
I could kill you sure,
But I could only make you cry with these words


This is an excerpt written for this song in November of 2010.  Flash-back Travis writing at “his” best, still relevant, and it read:

“If you know me, you know that I just took my first trip off the mainland.  Flew in to Madrid in Spain and backpacked around the country and part of Portugal too, the place was damn near perfect.  The style of life, the vibe, the subdued excitement that literally underwhelmed you in to relaxation -awesome-.  To top the trip off, we were randomly in Barcelona during the city’s holiday, Le Merce.  To state it simply, the people of Barca truly know how to celebrate.  For four days the city was packed with free concerts, human pyramids 40 meters high, revelry in the streets and high spirits in tall order.

Sadly, I missed a free El Guincho performance due to inadequate preparation and knowledge.  My bad, my fault.  But, to make the singe of despair a little more manageable, we were able to catch Goldfrapp and Belle and Sebastian.  I am not a huge Belle and Sebastian fan, but there is one song that tends to stick with me.  “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying.”

How eloquent and perfectly suitable to describe all feelings of teenage angst.  Or early 20′s angst.  Any angst at all really.  I got the song on a mix tape from my best man Stephen, entitled “Merry Christmas You Fuckin’ Cunts,” vulgar -to say the least- but it stuck with me.  I had to do the whole “search for the song lyrics on Google” thing. [Edit: This was written far before the introduction of sir SoundHound]

Anyways, they played this song, it rocked my world, I screamed it out with the drunken Spaniards with my litre of cheap beer and they mimic’d the English accent tenuously.  Pure life right there folks, a real shot of life.  Felt like dipping in the Mediterranean for the first time, reborn.”

Enjoy your life.

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