Blue Hawaii – “Try To Be” – 1.22.13

Blue Hawaii
“Try To Be”


Words and Photo by Travis Gillett

I’ve been busy lately (or, have convinced myself of this idea as to excuse poor writing production). And as a result, I required something substantial to shake dirt loose from my roots. Enter Blue Hawaii: the emotion-wrought tropicalic duo from Montreal. Sent from Canada with the inertia and testament of a freight train — a bolt, energy winding through cut-out mountain matter with ease — their single “Try To Be” ultimately appeased. Smelling salts sound.

Blue Hawaii have been subjected to my daily life. I lead them around by hand. With or without their consent, they’ve become a constant companion through countless bus commutes, distracted flights, nights simultaneously serendipitous, drunk, and light. They’ve born the brunt of this New Year fog and questioning with aplomb.

Literally, their upcoming album Untogether is the only new release I look forward to. And with teasers such as “Try To Be” and “In Two,” I’ve maintained high hopes and esteem. Steeled with determination, I look forward to being Untogether with Blue Hawaii very soon.

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