Brown Bird – “Bilgewater” – 1.20.12

“If the sun was always shining and our load always light
we’d be shaking like a leaf with every God given night
and we’d break under the weight 
of any pain that ever came in this life”

I may not have a job as a coal minor, ditch digger or any job one would see in stock footage from the 1930’s, but I hope that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy “Bilgewater” as much as I do.

Brown Bird‘s release Salt For Salt is an album that I discovered just a little too late to include on my top albums of 2011 list. David Lamb & Morganeve Swain make up the bluegrass/folk music duo Brown Bird.  Since I (stupidly) didn’t catch their concert when they played with The Devil Makes Three in Seattle last November, I might just have to make the trip to SXSW this year to see them. I guess all I need now are concert tickets and a plane or car ride….

– Alex

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