Cat’s Eyes – “The Best Person I Know” – 1.21.12

“Could hang around with you all day
No matter if there’s nothing left to say

Cause you’re the best person i know, it’s true
All my best times are with you 
Cause your the best person i know, yes its true
These no one else I like as much as you”

“The Best Person I Know” and the lyrics to it are dedicated to a special someone who hopefully knows who they are… Am I serious? Joking? Does anyone actually care?

Oh, the third one. Alright, on to the interesting stuff!

“The Best Person I Know” can be found on Cat’s Eyes 2011 self titled album or their EP Broken Glass from earlier the same year. Faris Badwan (The Horrors) and Rachel Zeffira make up the London-based duo Cat’s Eyes.

“The Best Person I Know” had been playing over and over on my computer for close to a week before I realized there was a music video for the song.  I’m surprised about how much I enjoy the low budget music video, which not only fits the song surprisingly well but also features Rachel Zeffira, a Canadian opera singer and lady I’m going to declare right here and now as an official DHM babe. “The Best Person I Know” music video also features shots of Faris Badwan looking like he took a break from a week long drug binge to stumble into the shooting of the video. I’m pretty sure that’s just how he looks all the time though.

– Alex


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