[Song of the Day] Charli XCX “What I Like”

Charli XCX
“What I Like”


I’m a little late to the draw, but I just finished listening to Charli XCX’s True Romance, so give me a break. I love it all. I’m so happy about it I could cry. It takes a certain environment, mindstate, free-time, for me to sit down and listen to a full album from someone I have no prior opinion of. But I knew the name, Charli XCX, and it only took one song before I was ready to listen to the next, the next, and so-on. You can read Pitchfork’s review on the album, because all I can say to you is I love it. Ironic because she co-wrote Icona Pop’s “I Love It.”  Trust me or trust Pitchfork’s page long analysis (actually pretty interesting back-story).

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