CocoRosie – “We Are On Fire” – 5.10.12

“We are On Fire”

 “But I fly at night and by your candlelight
My shadow at your window…
I used to have eyes, the color of sky

Now I can see in the middle of the night”


Sister freak-folk duo CocoRosie (Website/Facebook) is back with a single released off Touch and Go Records, a record label who has not released music for three years. Apparently they heard this song and said, “fuck what we said, this is too good.”

When ever I write for a song, I first listen on repeat picking out all the noises that came together to create it, and in almost all cases I come to appreciate the song more because I discover it’s far more complex than I originally thought. In this case that’s true. With what I imagine as being an ensemble of keys, gongs, a very faded fuzzed out guitar, and possibly bamboo pipes and a Guquin  (member of the zither family, and seven-string Chinese musical instrument)  “We are on Fire” comes off as having an Asian style theme. Of course this is due to me picturing a chorus of Chinese musicians backing CocoRosie, not Dave Sitek, sound guru for TV On The Radio who actually produced the song. Me and my wild imagination!

I really didn’t know too much about the band before this and after doing some serious research (Wikipedia) I am now intrigued by their story. Sisters Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady had not seen each other for years, and after reuniting in Paris, they formed the band. How cool is that? They both sing and play various noise makers, most notably piano, guitar, harp, and spruce things up with some bass, keyboard, and children’s toys to gel nicely with their childlike vocals.

Be sure to watch the music video I included below for their song “Lemonade” off Grey Oceans, their 2010 album released via Sub Pop Records. It’s a trip.




CocoRosie – “Lemonade”





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