Cold Specks – “Winter Solstice” – 10.23.12

Cold Specks
“Winter Solstice”

It would make more sense for me to wait and do a post for this song two months from now when the actual winter solstice is, but being timely and relevant to certain situations has never been my cup-o-tea. Plus if the crazy guy on the corner of the street is to be believed the world will be ending right around then anyway.

“Winter Solstice” is from Cold Specks (Al Spx) 2012 album I Predict a Graceful Expulsion. The young 20’s Canadian singer is skipping over Seattle, but she is touring around to other non-Seattle locations in the coming months all of which you can find on her website. Cold Specks album was nominated for a Polaris Music Prize this year and I’m predicting that’s only the beginning for this talented artist.

The music video for “Winter Solstice” was directed by Victor Picon.


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