[Concert] Lemolo, Ava Luna & Twin Sister @ The Vera Project

6:56 – Finish up the last of our pre-concert drinks in preparation for the all ages/no alcohol show.

6:58 – Realize that the concert starts at 8:30 and not 7:30 which is just when the doors open.

7:30 – Begin the 40 minute walk to the concert location.

8:15 – Make it down to the general area of The Vera Project and realize we have a few minutes to grab a quick drink.

8:22-8:27 – Find pub >Order drinks> $10 dollar minimum on card> 5 beers

8:38 – Finish our 2.5 beers a piece.

8:40-8:54 – leave pub>Spend 14 minutes looking for the entrance to The Vera Project which is conveniently left off of all google map navigation

8:55 – Finally arrive at show.



Unfortunately we only saw the back half of Lemolo’s set but I can assure you that we will never make that mistake again. The Seattle, Washington dream-pop duo Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox make up Lemolo and they alone were worth the price of admission.  With Meagan on vocals, guitar and keyboard and Kendra on drums and keyboard Lemolo stole the show (and crowd) for the night drawing everyone in the audience into their set as they played.

Lemolo is currently working on their first full length album which they plan to release this spring.

You can catch Lemolo next on March 23rd at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle or at the Treefort Music Fest March 24th in DHM’s old stomping ground, Boise, ID.

Lemolo at Vera Project - 2.7.12

Lemolo at Vera Project - 2.7.12


Ava Luna

After a very promising start to the night we were somewhat let down by Ava Luna. Travis sent out a tweet during the concert that sums up the bulk of our problems with them:

“Ava Luna could use a lot less dude…”

Travis and I really enjoyed the vocals of Felicia Douglass and Becca Kauffman, the problem was that it was rare for us to ever hear them without Carlos Hernandez.  Its hard to hate on someone for being passionate and wanting to be involved in every aspect of the show, but if Carlos took a back seat every now and then and let Felicia and Becca do their thing I would have enjoyed the act a lot better.

Ava Luna at Vera Project - 2.7.12

Ava Luna at Vera Project - 2.7.12


Twin Sister

The long Island, dream pop band Twin Sister was the headliner of the night. Andrea Estella, the voice of Twin Sister was captivating her entire time on stage. We both found ourselves very intrigued by the short little singer that seemed to consist mostly of leg, hair and smile.

Travis and I both enjoyed Twin Sisters set with our only complaint being that the 20 minute instrumental jam session at the end could have been trimmed down a little. Also we were sad that “I Want A House” (our favorite song) was not played.

You can catch Twin Sister and Ava Luna next in (where else) Boise at the Nourolux February 10th or Kilby Court in Salt Lake City February 11th.

Twin Sister at Vera Project - 2.7.12

Twin Sister at Vera Project - 2.7.12


See more photos on the Dead Horse March flickr here.



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