Death Rattle – “The Dig” – 12.3.12

Death Rattle
“The Dig”

The Dig by Death Rattle

This probably isn’t going to be a fair comparison to make, but Death Rattle reminds me a lot of Austra. It’s probably the darker doom-laced sound the bands share that makes me want to compare the two. I normally try to stay away from comparing one band to the sound of another, but I discovered/loved both bands at the exact same time one year apart from each other. It’s almost as if the gloomy rain months of Seattle have some sort of dark effect on my music choices.

Other than the darker sound that appeases my apparent Seasonal Affective Disorder, the two bands are very much different from one another. Where Austra leans more toward the pitch perfect opera vocals of Katie Stelmanis, Death Rattle has a hard hitting rock sound closer to that of Sleigh Bells. (Another band comparison, I’m on a roll!)

Helen and Chris Hamilton make up Death Rattle, and “The Dig” is off their debut EP HE&I, out now through Frontal Noize. I highly recommend watching the creepy music video for “The Dig” as well as listening to their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” (both available below).


The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover) by Death Rattle

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