Devotchka – “Exhaustible” – 2.4.12

Song of the Day
Devotchka – “Exhaustible”

“You and I look good together
This day is getting a lot better
Let’s get inside out of this weather
And there is no one loves you better
Than me my dear

You and I we’re not so different
Exhaustible and inefficient
Following our intuition
To get back home
To get back home again”

I’ve taken a few month break from listening to Devotchka‘s 100 Lovers and more specifically the track “Exhaustible.” I love almost anything Devotchka puts out and 100 Lovers even made it onto my Top 10 list for last year so I didn’t take a break from them because I didn’t like the music or any reason like that. No, I took a break from 100 Lovers and “Exhaustible” for a way more teenage girl of a reason, a breakup. The ex and I didn’t agree on most music but Devotchka was one band that we both always liked. I remember that whenever I had 100 Lovers playing in my car she would always skip to track 7 (“Exhaustible”) and we would listen to it over and over again but unlike most songs that I hear on repeat, I never got tired of it.

When we broke up (She found out I was running an underground kitten fighting ring), I wasn’t in the mood for any musical reminders of happy times past so I stopped listening to Devotchka as much. Well a few months have come and gone and I’m sort of obligated to do song of the day write-ups so I thought I would give 100 Lovers and “Exhaustible” another listen to see how I felt. Wouldn’t you know it, I still fucking love the song. I don’t know if that means I’m completely over everything from before or if “Exhaustible” is just that awesome of a song. I know one thing though; all my friends are going to hate me for the next few weeks because there is no way to listen to “Exhaustible” without whistling along with it and in the hours after.

Devotchka is a Colorado based band led by the wine soaked voice of Nick Urata. I would list out all the instruments that the members play but I don’t want this to be a 10 page write up. I highly recommend listening to more of their music and if you have the chance, try and catch them in concert, you won’t regret it.

– Alex

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