Drive-By Truckers – “Where The Devil Don’t Stay” – 5.30.12

Drive-By Truckers
“Where The Devil Don’t Stay”

“Back in the thirties when the dust bowl dried
And the woods in Alabama didn’t see no light
My Daddy played poker by a hard wood fire
Squeezing all his luck from a hot copper wire
Scrap like a wildcat fights till the end
Trap a wildcat and take his skin
Deal from the bottom, put the ace in the hole
One hand on the jug but you never do know”

[audio:|titles=Drive-By Truckers – Where the Devil Don’t Stay]

Working on a computer doesn’t give me many opportunities to feel bad-ass and manly but thanks to this song I felt like that last Friday.

I started a new job last week where I have to dress business casual and since I’ve been broke recently (forever) I exhausted all of my semi formal wear in the first few days, leaving me with only a full black outfit for Friday. Of course, little to my knowledge, it ended up being casual Friday, so I walked around all day in my black shoes, pants, shirt and belt with a dash of silver (naturally). At the end of the day I hopped into my car and rolled the windows down and started to blast my music because I had finally finished my first week of a real person job and I was feeling pretty good, it didn’t hurt that the sun was also out making it a very nice temperature.

Anyway I get about halfway home and what song starts playing in my car but “Where the Devil Don’t Stay” by the Drive-By Truckers. I’ve always liked this song and it was the perfect music to fit my Johnny Cash outfit combined with the start of my weekend, the sun blaring in and my music blaring out with the windows rolled down. For those 5 plus minutes I sat back and let the bad-ass feeling just flow through my wind-blown hair as I radiated awesome out of my kick-ass pores. At that moment every ruff and tortured cowboy soul that ever lived would have slowly tipped their hat up looked at me for a long few seconds before giving me that nod of approval that says “Good job kid, you did it” before walking off into the sunset to let me take up their post as the town badass…

But then the next song on my playlist was dream-pop so it was short lived, but I’ll still always have those five minutes.


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