E-Dubble – “Honors Bio” – 6.22.12

“Honors Bio”

Recently I haven’t been a big fan of hip-hop, or whatever more specific label you want to give E-Dubble, but I just can’t stop listening to this song. I don’t really know what to say about E-Dubble’s “Honors Bio” except that I really like it. I know that saying I liked it without any sort of explanation to back up why is lazy and sort of a cop-out, but listening to the song will do a much better job at showing why I like it than a few snarky sentences from me could do. So just listen to “Honors Bio” and enjoy the lyrical word play as the song slowly builds up throughout before really picking up near the halfway mark.

E-Dubble is from Baltimore, Maryland and although it doesn’t have a name or release date yet, he should be rcoming out with an EP later this year. You can find additional information and listen to more songs from E-Dubble at his Soundcloud page. 


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