Eilen Jewell – I Remember You – 12.12.11

“I remember you
We were Bonnie and Clyde
We thought we’d go down in history
I guess we changed our minds
You’re a hundred worlds away now
I’m sure it’s for the best
You’re practically a stranger now
But you stand out from the rest
‘Cause I remember you
I remember you”

I finally got around to listening to Eilen Jewell‘s album Queen of the Minor Key this past week after my dad started raving about it. I’m angry at myself for having waited this long to listen to it because I already made up my top 10 of the year list at the end of November. If I had held off for another two weeks, Queen of the Minor Key probably would have found itself on there. Plus Eilen Jewell was born in my hometown of Boise Idaho so she gets bonus “Alex points” for that.

I don’t want to call “I Remember You” a standout track on the album because almost every song on Queen of the Minor Key could fall into this category. “I Remember You” is to Queen of the Minor Key as Charles Barkley is to the 1992 “Dream Team.” They are all good songs and together they make a great album but at the end of the day “I Remember You” scored the most points with me.

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