Electric Guest – “American Daydream” – 3.26.12

Electric Guest
“American Daydream”

“We keep going don’t stop running
They keep selling, we dont want it
So close to it almost found a way
And everyday they get two steps closer they keep coming
We keep yelling “we dont want it”
Almost better this things bound to break
Only was a holiday”

If I hadn’t actually seen Danger Mouse in a physical form before, I would almost believe he was more of an idea than an actual human being. Every year four to five bands that showed potential or an already established band that was working on a really good album would be given the honor of saying they worked with “Danger Mouse.”  Of course none of that is true and instead Danger Mouse just goes around working with all my favorite bands and even makes me enjoy people I didn’t like all that much in the first place (see: Broken Bells). I only bring this up because I randomly ran across Electric Guest’s “American Daydream” and watched the video for before deciding to learn a little bit more about them, finding out that of course they worked with Danger Mouse.

I realize I talked about Danger Mouse way more in this than I did about Electric Guest but honestly they are going to do just fine without needing my paragraph of ramblings to help them out. Electric Guest is an LA duo comprised of Asa Taccone and Mathew Compton. Their Danger Mouse produced album Mondo will be out sometime in the coming months (sorry for being too specific). If the front man Asa looked as familiar to you as he did to me in the creepy little music video, it’s because his brother (who also directed the video) is Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island fame.


Electric Guest – “American Daydream”

Electric Guest – “Troubleman”







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