Frank Ocean – “Swim Good” – 8.7.12



That’s a pretty big trunk
on my lincoln town car ain’t it
big enough to take these broken hearts
and put em in it..
now i’m driving round
on the boulevard trunk bleeding
and everytime the cops pull me over
they don’t ever see them
they never see them


Yes this song is older, a single off Frank Ocean‘s Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape from last year, but I really didn’t start listening to him until recently. Yes I jumped on the Franky O. (not offical nickname) bandwagon along with everyone else as soon as Agent Orange came out. Besides “Lost,” this song is my favorite of his. I’m pretty picky when it comes to R&B, but Frank Ocean is just so easy on the ears. It’s effortless listening, where you don’t have to think for more than a couple seconds whether or not you’re a fan. I think your heart knows you’re a fan of Frank Ocean before you even hear his voice. It could be a fact…

Purchase Channel Orange here.
Download Nostalgia, Ultra here.


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