Glass Candy – “Beatrific” – 2.23.12

Glass Candy

“City center to countryside, this train ride guarantees
Living proof of human thoughts and fantasies.
I’m not separate. No I know my mind. There’s just one kind.
The road is lined with beatific visions… they all lead back to me.
My girl, so lovely
Here comes your only love.”

I was going to begin this post by saying I think it’s impossible to listen to Glass Candy‘s “Beatrific” without starting to move along with it but I decided I would test my theory out first. I put on “Beatrific” and got on the internet and about a minute and a half later realized I was doing a stupid little head bobbing thing right along with it, even though I was specifically trying not to. That could be chalked up to me getting distracted easily but I’m going to say it’s because of this magical song.

Like every single band I can think of in recent memory Glass Candy is from Portland, Oregon. Glass Candy consists of Ida No (vocals) and producer Johnny Jewel, “Beatrific” is off their 2007 album Beatbox.

– Alex

“Geto Boys Demo”

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