Glowing House – “Taming Lions” – 6.9.12

“I don’t think there is a gauge that will save me 
Somehow they overpower gunpowder like it’s easy 
No don’t look now but I think I found a way that we can run 
Don’t loose your mind for any bit of time or you’ll be done 

I feel them breathing on my heels 
I’m getting used to how it feels”

I had never heard of Glowing House before this morning when I was perusing the Facebook and happened to see Devotchka (always a favorite of mine) had posted a link to some band Jeanie Schroder played the tuba for. Short story short I gave it a listen liked it and now I give it to you.

Social media, Hazaaa!

I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Glowing House so I will give you a quote from their Bandcamp (where you can also get a free download of “Taming Lions”): “This is the first single from our upcoming album, Days Run Out, which will be released on Saturday, June 9th at the Hi-Dive in Denver. Much thanks to Jeanie from DeVotchKa and Wes from Pedals of Spain / Air Dubai for making this one growl.”

Oh, so I guess their album was release just today. How’s that for timeliness, world?

Besides Jeanie Scroder on Tuba Glowing House also consists of Steve Varney (vox, banjo, church pews), Jess Parsons (vox, piano, accordion, organs), Phil Parker (cello), Patrick Kline (drums, church pews) and Wes Watkins (trumpet).  If you would like to know more about Glowing House or want to purchase their album you can do all that and more at their website.



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