Gold Leaves – “The Ornament” – 1.6.12

“Our old room… Corner apartment…
Eventually, hung heavy with the ornament.
By the time we moved over, you wore my name, i wore your color…

Oh, how some do bloom, some turn to ruin.”

It’s no secret, Seattle has a distinct musical style, at least on the surface level.  One cultivated in the hip-haunts of neighborhood coffee shops, brew pubs, and soaked cigarette smoke while tin roofs sing in the rain.

In that capacity, Grant Olsen — who performs with a full band under the Gold Leaves guise — doesn’t sway too far from the Seattle-sound stereotype, but maybe that is why we like him.

Fleet Foxes-folk influences covered with glittering indie-orchestral production; white boy blues bellowing from behind a beard, it isn’t always a bad thing.

Gold Leaves will be performing at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA on Saturday, January 14th alongside DHM favorite Alexandra Niedzialkowski‘s band CumulusA show not to be missed.




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