Emily Wells



Emily Wells is a one-woman collage of audio aspects: all distinctly different albeit completely cohesive under her care.  Drawing inspiration from classical (she’s been trained in violin since age 4), electronic, and hip-hop music, the New York based musician mixes up a creative molotov cocktail that explodes on stage. Her performance is electric (I mean, she stomps the kick drum with authority.)  We’ve all born witness to solo shows that leave you wanting (the whole ‘singer-songwriter’ thing can have its downfalls) so I didn’t expect too much going into the venue.  But when she layered gospel-like vocals over her own Suzuki-schooled violin and proceeded to pound out the drum beat simultaneously, everyone in the room was hooked.

In the words of renowned rap laureate Biggie Smalls, “If you don’t know, now you know…”  This eloquent statement aptly describes both the relative obscurity of Emily Wells’ music and her profound appreciation of hip-hop music (she does one of the best covers of Biggie Smalls’ ‘Juicy‘ I’ve ever heard.)  Bottom line: Emily is not to be missed.

Exhausted and enamored, I had a chance to catch up with Emily (and her sweetheart pitbull, Oly) after the show…. Read the rest of my interview at RockStar Motel



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