Julia Holter – “Marienbad” – 2.19.12

Julia Holter

“Marienbad” (and almost all of Julia Holter‘s music) is exactly what I imagine the soundtrack of my dreams to be. When I say that it’s the soundtrack of my dreams, I literally mean that if I were dreaming, her music is what would be playing along as the soundtrack. Holter’s songs have such a dreamlike quality to them, they seem like they could easily jump from happy and cheery to scary or sad at any moment. “Marienbad” is an appropriate title for such a style since it shares its name with the 1961 French film Last Year at Marienbad, a movie that Wikipedia describes as “Dream-Like.”

“Marienbad” is off Julia Holter’s upcoming second album Ekstasis, available March 8th. I’ve also attached (below) “Goddess Eyes,” one of my favorite tracks off her first full-length album Tragedy.

– Alex 

“Goddess Eyes”

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