Lands and Peoples – “Ghosts” – 3.12.13

lands and peoples

 “No, I will not go on talking,
Like the sons or daughters we won’t have…”

Baltimore experimental pop duo Lands and Peoples  deliver.  “Ghosts” off their upcoming album Pop Guilt (releases March 27 on Analog Edition) proves a near-perfect blend of pitches, pitfalls, percussion.  The distant destination looms in the background, blurring in and out with the bass-buzzed refracted glass, the star and sun-ridden skies.  The power lines progressing past rapidly, repetition rendering rhythms and a frame work for delinquent thoughts and dreams.

Apparently, the song was written to describe “zoning out” during trivial and trite conversation and it covers that ground flawlessly. Albeit, I just as easily imagine the track as the perfect travel companion to a god-awfully early morning train-ride, the sun shining bright, direct on dull eyes.

Be sure to grab one of the 300 pressed white-vinyl versions of the album under Analog Edition and do their weird-pop right.

– Travis


lands and peoples

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