Lord Huron – “Lonesome Dreams”

 Lord Huron
“Lonesome Dreams”


Lord Huron‘s October release, Lonesome Dreams is full of worthy “Song of the Day‘s” but the title track wins, what a surprise. I first heard it on a mix a friend had sent me and Travis as a New Year’s present, which she sends us every year. Lord Huron’s “Lonesome Dreams” was one I would start out with and then not be able to finish the mix because I would get impatient after only a few songs, turning back to “Lonesome Dreams.”

Anyways, I want to focus this post on Annie Montague. I’m pretty certain we forget to thank her for her incredible Year in Music mixes every year. But then again, what are we supposed to do? She’s not on Facebook. She one of those quality friends that prefers to carry on real friendships beyond ‘liking’ your posts or comments, and writing on your ‘wall’ on your birthday. She mails us mix’s in a little CD sleeve with artist, song title, album descriptions printed on it, and a nice handwritten note on a postcard from where ever she lives at the time. Annie, you’re the best. Thank you!

Sincerely, Ben & Travis

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