Louise And The Pins – Beauty Strange – 12.15.11

“You give me fire, from your fingertips
you give me desire, from your cherry lips
I need to know, that you still want me
if you don’t love me, set me free”

I get on certain musical kick’s and when I’m on them they are hard for me to shake (not that I exactly want to). Last year and most of this year is was bluegrass/folk and before that it was Australian/UK/European hip-hop and before that it was probably something embarrassing (they usually get worse the further back you travel). One type of music I have liked ever since I heard the self-titled Kitty Daisy and Lewis album a few years back has been what I have dubbed new-old. I know there are other real (or correct) ways I could describe this music but describing it as new-old gives me an umbrella term that a broad range of bands I enjoy can fall under.

Louise and the Pins is one of my favorite bands I have found that falls under this category to date. Louise Hulls vocals are what really draw me in but its the combination of them and Bethan Gorman and Sara Templeman (The Pins) 50’s style harmonies that gets me to stay. I’m eager to continue following these ladies in the future and I’m hoping for a full length release sometime soon.

 Also, is it just me or is anyone else kind of reminded of the theme song from True Blood when listening to this song?

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