Marion Black – “Who Knows” – 1.19.12

“Who knows what tomorrow will bring
Maybe sunshine, and maybe rain
But as for me I’ll wait and see
And maybe it’ll bring my love to me”

If I had to guess, I would say that tomorrow will most likely bring me snow, rain or an uncomfortable combination of both. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for love but Seattle hasn’t been very kind to me in that area yet so tomorrow probably won’t be any different. Maybe I’ll jinx myself by saying that though…

Alright, enough about me and my train of thought and more about Marion Black and “Who Knows.”  “Who Knows” is a song from 1970 that is probably best known by younger (cooler) people as the track that RJD2 sampled in the song “Smoke and Mirrors” from his 2002 album Deadringer.

I don’t have an amazing reason for having “Who knows” as the Song of the Day for today other than the fact that it’s always been a song I have enjoyed and it puts me in a good mood every time I listen to it.

– Alex

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