Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Quand Vas Tu Rentrer” – 10.15.12

Melody’s Echo Chamber
“Quand Vas Tu Rentrer”

“Quand Vas Tu Rentrer” is just one of the great dreamy songs off Melody’s Echo Chamber’s self-titled album. The French singer-songwriter has songs in both English and (like this song) French on the album. She recorded the album with Kevin Parker, the front man of Tame Impala (another DHM favorite). While definitely sharing the characteristics of a dream-pop band, Melody’s Echo Chamber seems to have a different, unique sound that I can’t really peg down, but reminds me somewhat of Broadcast (a band I just realized I’ve somehow never written about).

The more I listen to this album the more I like it, I’m thinking I might even make the plunge and use what little money my broke ass has to purchase the vinyl. If you enjoy Melody’s Echo Chamber as much as I do, you should watch the Laurie Lassale directed video for “I Follow You” below, catch them in concert (currently touring with the Raveonettes) or learn more about them through their label Fat Possum Records.


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