Memoryhouse – “The Kids Were Wrong” – 3.25.12

“The Kids Were Wrong”

“You’re thick skin, but you know
it’s beyond the control
shadows gleaming through our eyes
we’re living the past, dear
we’re free from those dark years
we’ll see daylight through the blinds!”


Memoryhouse is band number three in the past two months, along with Polica and Grimes, I started listening to and liking immediately after they played concerts in Seattle. I really need to switch up my process and start listening to artist’s new albums before they play shows instead of after. Anyway my dumbness aside, I’m glad I started listening to Memoryhouse when I did, instead of in a month or two when it starts to get sunny and warm out. I know most dream pop probably fits perfectly with nice warm weather (case and point: Beach House), but I almost enjoy it more on cold dark days when I don’t have that summer itch to get out of the house and run around in the sprinklers, or you know, whatever “cool” things one does as an adult. To me, music like Memoryhosue is perfect when I can lay back with no worries let my mind wander and daydream (see what I did there) about whatever weird things my mind decides to throw at me.

The Toronto, Ontario duo of Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion make up Memoryhouse and “The Kids Were Wrong” and the equally enjoyable “Bonfire” are off the 2012 Sub Pop released album The Slideshow Effect. I’ve included the music video for “The Kids Were Wrong” below and the only reason it isn’t above like I do most times with videos, is because with music like this I think it’s better to listen to the song without a set of visuals first and form your own before being given someone else’s interpretation.


Memoryhouse – “Bonfire”

[Music Video] Memoryhouse – “The Kids Were Wrong”

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