MØ – “Pilgrim” – 11.21.12




‘Oh, what a world I was born into
Babies are on the thrones
Hush little buddy – you’ll get sick
And shiver to your bones
Old wild river take me to the sea
Be free’

This is that feel good music guuuyyyssss. I’m obsessed. I don’t know what it is. Horns,  Niki and the Dove-esque vocals, cheesy drum break downs, synths, she’s from Copenhagen and I am an eighth or more Swedish (Sweden touches Denmark). Maybe it’s the bottom shelf bourbon and Silk ‘nog that’s not sitting so well in my tum. I hear she’s 23 too, which means we can look forward to at least another year or ten of some nice poppy Karen Marie Ørsted tunes. I put another  hit below titled “Maiden.”



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