Mr. Little Jeans – “The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)” -7.19.12

Mr. Little Jeans
“The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)”

I’ve never been a fan of Arcade Fire. I understand the appeal and I really should like them since I’m a sucker for songs that climb up and up, summiting the top of Mt Awesome before exploding in a volcanic eruption of hot face and skin melting sound. But alas, with the exception of  “Sprawl II,” I’ve never fallen in love with an Arcade Fire song… until now.

As you can probably (hopefully) tell from using your eyesight and common sense, I’m not talking about the Arcade Fire version of the hit song off their Grammy award winning album of the same name. No, I’m talking about the base and synth heavy, beautifully transformed version by Mr. Little Jeans. Mr. Little Jeans (AKA Monica Birkenes) version of “The Suburbs” burrows into your ears and makes its way into your skull like a scarab beetle from the Mummy, as it slowly eats away any thoughts and worries you might have, leaving behind a completely clean slate. Without anything to worry about, you can just lay back like a little idiot baby enjoying the wonderful music and vocals as you look up to the sky and bask in the fact that you are the universe not only experiencing, but enjoying itself…

Mr. Little Jeans isn’t exactly a Mr. but instead Monica Birkenes, a tiny Norwegian singer who took her stage name from the Wes Anderson film Rushmore. According to the fine folks at Fine Time Records Ms Birkenes is currently recording an as-yet untitled album with producer Tim Anderson (Ima Robot, Dead Man’s Bones). If even just one song off her upcoming album is as mind meltingly amazing as her cover of “The Suburbs” I will enjoy the hell out of it.


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