[Song of the Day] MT “Heaven”




I first tweeted about this song, and they “favorited” it and “retweeted” it making me feel special and more inclined to shout their name from a mountain top. MT/Mountain Top, coincidence? I’m new to Twitter so it’s a big deal. MT’s “Heaven” is a ¬†favorite of mine and I don’t think it can be replaced until I listen to it far too many times.¬†Initially I thought to skip it because it came off as a corny country song, but then, after listening a few more times, the aspects I didn’t like at first became what I loved about it. His voice, and the way the chorus builds just hooked me.

According to their website, “MT¬†stands for many things…Macks Faulkron, Gabi Woo, MT and Frederik Tyson-Brown,” and they’re from London. Here is their website, I suggest looking at it now because it’s really hard to find them with the name “MT.” Follow these guys, they deserve your support and I’m worried they won’t be found. This is a terrible article so i’m sorry for rambling. Hope you enjoy.

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