[Music Video] Parov Stelar – “Jimmy’s Gang” – 3.21.12

Parov Stelar
“Jimmy’s Gang”

I don’t want to say that I forgot about Parov Stelar (because that’s impossible) but I definitely got to the point where it has been so long since I listened to him, I wasn’t looking forward to music or even though to check for it. Luckily facebook exists so I was able to stumble across the announcement of his new video for “Jimmy’s Gang.” After listening/watching the music video above I kind of want to kick the Alex of the past year or so in the shins for depriving himself of the get-on-your-feet-and-start-dancing Electro-Swing ear-candy that is Parov Stelar’s music.

Parov Stelar is an Austrian musician responsible for some of the most interesting and fun songs in my iTunes library. “Jimmy’s Gang” is off his upcoming album The Princess, due out April 20th. Word has it that Parov Stelar will be making his way to the states after he is done with Europe and I can only hope that Seattle is one of the lucky destinations.

– Alex

Parov Stelar – “Jimmy’s Gang”

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