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I just stumbled upon the Nardwar experience, a series of interviews by the one only known as Nardwar the Human Serviette. I already love the guy. He started out as annoying, but I quickly warmed up to him. He’s funny and asks great questions. Not the most basic questions either. He seems to dig into the artists’ past to find out information that challenges their own memory. Their reaction is usually “oh shit, how the fuck did you know that?” Some bigger celebrity’s who don’t have a sense of humor are more threatened than amused unfortunately.

Here is the most recent Nardwar interview and it’s with another personality where you wonder if that is actually who they are, or are they just good actors? Either way, Houston-born rapper, Riff Raff is brilliant (can I use the word brilliant and Riff Raff in the same sentence?). I could quote Riff Raff all day, but here is a favorite from the interview…


N: “How did you come up with your beard pattern Riff Raff?”

RR: “Im born with it”

N: “But whats the idea for the actual pattern?”

RR: “Like, I just use like my brain, like, yo, what, what way show I go wit it? Know what I’m sayin? And I just told, I just tol drew a picture for the barber and he just BOW! PLAKOW!”


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