Niia – “BTSTU (Jai Paul Cover)” – 6.8.12

“Don’t fuck with me,
don’t fuck with me
since you shipped my ass off to sea
I never knew where I was going,
I went where the water was flowing

I know I’ve been gone a long time but
I’m back and I want what is mine
I know i’ve been gone a long time but
I’m back and I want what is mine”

Usually when I see a song that’s a cover or a remix I’ll avoid it. Sure, there are some good ones out there but most of the time when I hear a cover or remix it just makes me want to hear the original.

“Hey guys, I have this wicked awesome idea. You know that song that’s already good? Yeah that’s the one. Well I’m going… wait for it…  -take that and sing it myself. Ha I know right? Mind blowing concept! Or if I don’t do that I might just take the original and put some different noises behind it or speed it up or some shit.”

Anyway, all that hissy-fit bitching of mine is just to show how much I dislike them most of the time. There are other times when I think covers are just fine (see: a few artists on the Rave On Buddy Holly album) and then there are the select few times when I think a cover is better than the original song (Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”). Niia Bertino or Niia would fit into the last category. Jai Paul’s original version of “BTSTU” is just fine and I have nothing wrong with it but I would never put it on a CD (ipod mix? Fine, Zune) or recommend it to anyone, where as with Niia’s version I’m writing these words right now and explaining myself to the interwebs on why it’s worth your time. So stop reading my words and listen to the song because I’ve got some other internetting I need to be getting to.

Check out Niia’s site here.


Jai Paul – “BTSTU”


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