Niki and the Dove – “The Fox” – 2.7.12


“Whenever she’s weary, she climbs uphill
And crosses a dark trail and there she finds the fox
In the wooden glade
She lies by a rock and she’s red
She smells of violets and picea
She flicks her ears as I whisper

I’ve grown a handsome tall tree, mother
And I want to bear a fruit for you
And I’ve carried your fears and your hopes, father
It’s so heavy on my back,
oh you should know”

I only wish I had Malin Dahlström‘s writing abilities in elementary school for all those “tell a story” assignments to test the children’s creativity. No doubt I had the imagination. I think about 70% of my early years were spent in the clouds just thinking about weird things like squirrels, plants, airplanes, caves you name it. If only I could have articulated those thoughts on to paper as well as Malin did in “The Fox”! Above is a brand new video from Sub Pop Records Niki and the Dove, a pop duo from Stockholm, Sweden. Yes another duo, my musical taste has gravitated toward duo’s I don’t know why. Apparently it doesn’t take three to tango…

I included one of their club bangers from 2010, “DJ, Ease My Mind.”

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