Nurses – “Trying To Reach You” – 1.18.12

“I’ve been trying to reach you,
I’ve been trying to reach you…
From the bottom of the trees…
I’ve been in the middle of the wild,

I’m still waiting…”


Portland has a plethora of psychedelic freak-rock bands, yet their is a scarcity of ones that don’t suck.

Nurses are the exception, because Nurses are absolutely awesome.  Probably because they are originally from Idaho.

For some music listeners, the vocals of a specific band can make or break the adoration, and in that case you will love or hate these cats.  I happen to love the androgynous nasal-word-noise that spews over these bubbling pop songs.

See/hear for yourself, buy a copy of their newest album Dracula out under independent label Dead Oceans based in Austin, TX and Bloomington, IN.

– Travis


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