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[Mixtape] Happy Spookaween

[Mixtape] Happy Spookaween

DJ Job Fair – Self Proclaimed Millionaire, Philanthropist and DJ is back with another spine chilling mixtape. Halloween isn’t just about getting scared, it’s about getting weird. Whether it’s the bass line, the spooky sound effects, or morbid content, these songs are guaranteed to creep you out. From classic go-to’s...
DB2015: Thievery Corporation

DB2015: Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation is one of those bands that I have loved for years, and still feel that I found much later than I would have liked. The chance to shoot them at this year’s Decibel Festival was one that couldn’t be passed up, especially considering it was the first time...
[New Music] Clarke and the Himselfs - "Dull Blue Crayon"

[New Music] Clarke and the Himselfs – “Dull Blue Crayon”

Clarke and the Himselfs “Dull Blue Crayon” You have no reason to remember this, but I have been listening to a whole lotta only Clarke and the Himselfs in my car for over a year now. Thus, I am thrilled to tell you about Clarke’s debut LP, The Well Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs. Recorded...
Favorite Music - June 2015 (Spotify Playlist)

Favorite Music – June 2015 (Spotify Playlist)

Take a listen to some of our favorite music (new and old) for June 2015. Lot’s of hot summer tunes this month including tracks from Beirut, Jamie XX, Sharon Van Etten and a new favorite album of mine by Colleen. All of these and more can be found in the Spotify playlist...
[Song of the Day] RATATAT - "Cream On Chrome"

[Song of the Day] RATATAT – “Cream On Chrome”

RATATAT “CREAM ON CHROME” Five years later…RATATAT has blessed us with a new track, “Cream on Chrome.” It’s a good day.
[Photo Essay] Treefort 2015

[Photo Essay] Treefort 2015

Treefort has done it again. Although the Boise music festival is operating within the shade of a massive forest made up of much larger, more widely recognized trees, such as the well known Coachella, SXSW, or Pitchfork trees, they don’t seem to be in the same business of growing in areas like circumference,...
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[Song of the Day] Maui - "Slide In"

[Song of the Day] Maui – “Slide In”

MAUI “SLIDE IN” You’d expect the sound to be some sort of tall can wielding,  lo-fi garage rock. Nothing wrong with that of course, but after listening to London four-piece, Maui‘s latest single “Slide In,” you get more of an Arctic Monkeys / Deerhunter vibe with drugged up, guitar laden melodies. Definitely worth a listen. Enjoy.
[Song of the Day] Cloud Control - Dojo Rising

[Song of the Day] Cloud Control – Dojo Rising

CLOUD CONTROL “DOJO RISING” Just found the Australian indie pop band Cloud Control, and they’ve been a huge part of my life since they entered it a few hours ago. The entire album is great, but if I had to choose one track, it would be “Dojo Rising.” Here are a few more selects from their...
The Grizzled Mighty - Album Release Party

The Grizzled Mighty – Album Release Party

The Grizzled Mighty played a packed house at Neumos this weekend in Seattle, celebrating the release of their latest album, Closed Knuckle Jaw. This project has been a long time coming – the duo poured buckets of blood, sweat and tears into their 3rd full record as they laid the final touches to each track. Tune in to The Grizzled Mighty’s Bandcamp to preview the album and...
[Song of the Day] Jessica Pratt - "Back, Baby"

[Song of the Day] Jessica Pratt – “Back, Baby”

Jessica Pratt “Back, Baby” Last night Jessica Pratt played in Portland and now all I want is to become a bioluminescent unicorn just like her. This song was my favorite thing that happened and she played it just after thanking some friends in the audience for putting up with her during her heavy Modest Mouse/henna hair...
[Artist Spotlight] Reignwolf

[Artist Spotlight] Reignwolf

WORDS and PHOTOS by JAKE HANSON Since I moved to Seattle, KEXP has introduced me to numerous musical acts that left a heavy dent, but I think it’s safe to say that Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf has impressed me the most thus far. Needless to say, when I heard he was headed back to Seattle...
[Song of the Day] Lia Ices - "Thousand Eyes"

[Song of the Day] Lia Ices – “Thousand Eyes”

“Thousand Eyes” is off Lia Ices September 2014 album Ices, the follow-up to her wonderful 2011 Grown Unknown. I enjoy Grown Unknown more than Ices, but Lia Kessel still produces several great songs this time out, “Thousand Eyes” being one of them. You can find Lia Ices albums through her Website or Jagjaguwar and follow...
[Song of the Day] Shannon and the Clams - "Rip Van Winkle"

[Song of the Day] Shannon and the Clams – “Rip Van Winkle”

“Rip Van Winkle” and “Into a Dream” are both off Shannon and the Clams 2013 album Dreams in the Rat House. I missed this when it first came out last year, but have been blasting sunny beach music loud to scare away the gloomy weather and found these songs in the process. They’ve had no...
[Interview] Six Questions with BAD90s

[Interview] Six Questions with BAD90s

A few weeks ago, BAD90s dropped their second track ever and we are positively drooling for more. During Treefort Music Fest back in March, we ate pizza with them and talked about some really important stuff.  Like unicorns. And this. Speaking of Treefort, we’re already too excited about next year after last week’s announcement of the first round of artists. Emily Wells, YACHT, Generationals, TV ON...
[Song of the Day] The Abigails - "Twenty Nine"

[Song of the Day] The Abigails – “Twenty Nine”

I don’t think I could do a better job of placing The Abigails in a certain genera than they did themselves with “Drunken Nylon String Twang.” “Twenty Nine” is off their 2014 album Tundra which can be found on their Bandcamp or through Burger Records. “Black Hell” and “The Waiting Game” are both off Songs...
[Song of the Day] Chinawoman - "What Was Said"

[Song of the Day] Chinawoman – “What Was Said”

“What Was Said” is off Chinawoman’s self-released 2014 album Let’s Part in Style, available through her Bandcamp or Website. I’ve also included a few of my favorites off older releases (“Lifetime In One Night“/”To Be With Others”/”Kiss In Taksim Square“), because they are too weird, dark, and good not to include. In addition to Bandcamp...
[Song of the Day] Alaska In Winter - " Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind (Feat. Zach Condon)"

[Song of the Day] Alaska In Winter – ” Close Your Eyes – We Are Blind (Feat. Zach Condon)”

This isn’t a new song, but I heard it for the first time the other day while perusing around for some Beirut songs. Alaska In Winter wasn’t someone I was aware of when he was releasing music, which is a shame since it appears he no longer is. Fortunately he still wants to share the...
[Song of the Day] Juniore - "La Fin Du Monde"/"Christine"/"Dans Le Noir"

[Song of the Day] Juniore – “La Fin Du Monde”/”Christine”/”Dans Le Noir”

I have zero idea about what the lyrics in Juniore’s songs are about, but I have a difficult time picking up lyrics in languages I actually do understand, so it matters little. What does matter is the voice, that of Anna Jean, and the melody, both of which are sublime. The Bandcamp page for “Christine”/”Dans...