PAPA – “Let’s Make You Pregnant” – 12.19.11

“I don’t wanna be the one to leave here
I don’t wanna be the one to leave here
without you”

Besides being the exact phrase I would like to use when I decided to have children with whatever lady ends up being lucky enough to settle down with me, “Let’s Make You Pregnant,” is also the title of one of the five tracks off PAPA‘s EP, A Good Woman is Hard To FindPAPA is led by Girls drummer Darren Weiss who provides all the vocals on the brief little EP.

I could have done a post for any of the songs off A Good Woman Is Hard To Find because they are all great but “Let’s Make You Pregnant” is probably my favorite. It’s just a little more catchy than the others and I really can’t hate a song that has a title like that.


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