Pay It Forward With The xx

Listen To, And Share Their Upcoming Album “Coexist”



Pay it forward with The xx! Until now, I would have thought they would be totally over technology and social media, because like, what’s the point, right? Well, with the handy map, you can track where the stream of their upcoming album, Coexist has been shared around the world 24/7 until the album release date, September 11th. The only thing you can’t see is how the songs are traveling through the listeners ears. Each line begins with a Facebook post, E-Mail, Tweet, what have you, and ends with the viewer it reached. Cool right? 

Click the “Share” button on the right hand side of the map and you can see who you have reached. What a great way to touch other peoples lives! I just shared it and it looks like I’ve touched some boy in Jerle Stad, Swedin.

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