Pickwick – “Hacienda Motel” – 2.17.12

“Hacienda Motel”



“That whore she left you bloody, on the hotel lobby floor
Even though she took your money, oh you know she needed more
What was she thinking?
“I’ll just take what I can get
I’ve got him where I want him, or should I place a bigger bet?”

How can you not fall in love with this song instantly?! Wholly shiiiiiit. Galen Disston‘s powerfully soulful voice hailing you into incredibly groovy guitar licks really gets the blood flowing. Hearing it live, he has one of those voices that you can’t believe THAT sound is coming out of THAT person because it’s so clean and on point.

Meanwhile sensuous bass lines loom in the background, creeping into your subconscious at every guitar break, so good you only realize you heard it when the bass is all that sticks out when it’s replaying in your head.

Pickwick’s “Hacienda Motel” of Myths Vol. 1  is on the same “sexiness” level as The Rolling Stones‘ “Beast of Burden.”

I really hope to run into these kats in Seattle at some point. Thanks to Jason Friendt from Seismic-Sound for the recommendation.


Rolling Stones – Beast Of Burden

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